Dr. Megan Adams - Assistant Professor of Reading Education


This is a shared space for us to collaborate. As language and literacy educators and teacher educators, we can use this space to share ideas, ask questions, build upon workshops and webinars, and stay in touch. This is a work in progress, and we are learning the technology as we go. The free educator pages websites are a great tool we can all use in our classrooms!

The goals....

The goals of the webinar are to build upon our knowledge of how students learn to read and write. In the webinar on content area reading, and the separate webinar on content area writing, we began discussing some evidence based practices that foster the empowerment of our k-12 students. In this space, we will continue that conversation and build a strategy toolkit that will benefit all of us. However, we also talked about things like resources that might hold us back. Need a small grant for a class set of culturally relevant texts? Tell us that, and we can work as a team to see what we can share making things like that possible.


As much as we all love our school and students, there are times when we need to change career paths or districts. This can be a space where we tell each other about opportunities around the state/region and where we ask about opportunities if we have questions. I imagine a table like this that might be helpful:

Position Seeking  
Position Advertised  


Link to Georgia Building a Culture of Writing Series: